Making a Photobook with Saal Digital

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Like most photographers these days, I generally view most of my work on a screen. Fine though that is, there is a certain thrill in seeing your work printed – as long as it’s done well (and unfortunately it so often isn’t).

I’d heard that Saal Digital really focused on quality, so when they asked if I’d be interested in trying them out and making a Photobook I jumped at the chance.

Making the Photobook

Putting the book together was much quicker and more straight forward than I expected it to be. All you need to do is download the software, choose the book size, the number of pages you need and then get to work. I really enjoyed deciding what story I wanted my pictures to tell and zooming and cropping them to the best out of them was really easy to do inside the software.

When my book arrived, I was delighted with the finish. The quality really is exceptional; the pages are just the right thickness and the print quality (which is obviously crucial) is superb. The whole thing feels sturdy and well put together. I’ll be using my book as a portfolio piece to show to potential clients.

I’m a travel photographer and I thought it would be nice to focus my book on one of my favourite cities to photograph: Venice. It was great to be able to select my favourite shots and bring them together to create something that shows the city as I see it.

Specification of my book:

28cm X 19cm
30 pages
Matte photo paper
Off white linen cover

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Saal Digital to anyone looking for quality printed versions of their work.


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